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The Awards Night event was a gifting mission held during February of 2014. The players were to collect 9 different items around the Oscar's over the course of 9 days. The reward for completing this event is the Gold Corset Gown.


Hollywood Style
- Plan an Outfit for the red carpet while sitting on a couch
- Practice Posing for the cameras on the red carpet using a mirror
- Send a photo of your outfit to Veronica using a computer

Setting the Stage
- Have the Wardrobe placed in your apartment

Celebrity Connections
- Collect all the gifts to receive your Gold Corset Gown by using your wardrobe


Day 1
22 February
Day 2
23 February
Day 3
24 February
Day 4
25 February
Day 5
26 February
AwardsNight - Day01
Leading Role
x 24
AwardsNight - Day02
x 21
AwardsNight - Day03
Glittering Necklace
x 27
AwardsNight - Day04
Red Bow Tie
x 30
AwardsNight - Day05
Red Carpet
x 12
Day 6
27 February
Day 7
28 February
Day 8
1 March
Day 9
2 March
AwardsNight - Day06
x 24
AwardsNight - Day07
Winner's Envelope
x 18
AwardsNight - Day08
Golden Award
x 27
AwardsNight - Day09
Acceptance Speech
x 21


AwardsNight - Gold Corset Gown

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