• Karina Dempber

    Hi... i wonder if one of you, could make an entire and good guide about the "Venice Vacation" or "Venice Trip" Because I am so curious about it. I didn't play CGL when they were the Travel Journal Missions (including the Spooky Cafe 2013 Missions) and i would like to see how was the event,  how much missions they were, if it was difficult to complete the scrapbook, what were they prizes and all of that related to it. 

    Regards :)

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  • Hyleanna


    September 10, 2014 by Hyleanna

    Da questa mattina il gioco non va. Quando sarà sistemato?

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  • Hyleanna


    August 30, 2014 by Hyleanna

    Ho iniziato a giocare da poco tempo quindi ho perso molte collezioni. Fra poco comprerò Avalon, ma come lo arredo se oRmai non ci sono più le attrezzature per il terrazzo?

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  • 805199

    city girl life

    August 18, 2014 by 805199
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  • Chacha01

    Hey everybody,

    I was wondering if somebody knew why there are no new missions anymore...

    Are they planning to end DCG or are there just to busy to make new missions for us?

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  • Aliciamaya
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  • Kittenbones

    Wanted: Wardrobe Items

    December 23, 2013 by Kittenbones

    Hey guys! The following post will be a guide to helping us fill out the wiki. Given the vast amount of items that are/were available on DCG, it's impossible for me and the other active uploaders to own them all (though isn't that the dream?)

    The Fashion Collections are currently missing items. Please take a look and if you have any of the following items, please feel free to upload screenshots and post the links here with the following information:

    • Item's full name
    • Item's price and the collection/mission it came from
    • Item's style types (Everyday, Nightlife, Professional, Activewear, Costume)

    The screenshots will then be formated to fit in with the database's styling.

    Before submiting any screenshots, make sure you read the screenshot guidelines …

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  • Kittenbones

    The goal of the wiki's database is to create an updated, organized resource for DCG players to easily view and learn about past items. To ensure that the wiki remains looking clean and organized, please read and follow these guidelines when submitting screenshots for the wiki.

    Please note that screenshots do not have to be styled to match the wiki - myself or one of the other contributers will format and rename any images as needed.

    After taking screenshots, you may upload them to the wiki or to a different image host of your choice (such as TinyPic.) Afterward, post the link to the images as a comment in this blog post. Please include the following information with all screenshots:

    • Item's full name
    • Item's price and the collection/mission it c…

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  • Lethinae

    Started Today

    December 8, 2013 by Lethinae

    Yes, I have started today (owo)b

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