BannerDecor - BrushedSteel
The Brushed Steel Decor Collection is a Decor Collection that ran in July of 2014. It consisted of seven decor items which you can buy in decor tab.

The complete collection as previously deal costs 145 Gold.

Buying the items separately costs .. Gold, .. Glam and .. Coins.


Decor Price

Brushed Steel Dishwasher

BrushedSteelDecor - Brushed Steel Dishwasher

270 Points
Hygiene: 3 stars

40 Gold

Brushed Steel Sink

BrushedSteelDecor - Brushed Steel Sink

215 Points
Hygiene: 4 stars

32 Gold

Brushed Steel Fridge

BrushedSteelDecor - Brushed Steel Fridge

183 Points
Health+Safety: 3 stars

20,000 Coins

Brushed Steel Island

BrushedSteelDecor - Brushed Steel Island

177 Points

18 Gold

Brushed Steel Stove

BrushedSteelDecor - Brushed Steel Stove

174 Points
Health+Cooking: 3 stars

2,600 Glam

Brushed Steel Corner Cabinet

BrushedSteelDecor - Brushed Steel Corner Cabinet

168 Points

2,100 Glams

Brushed Steel Cabinets

BrushedSteelDecor - Brushed Steel Cabinets

134 Points

8,000 Coins

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