Every City Girl needs someplace to call home and that's where Apartments come in.

Moving InEdit

When you first move to the city, Jenna provides you with your starter apartment - Shady Heights, which is small and cramped. It is up to you to advance through the game and unlock the requirements necessary to move into the larger apartments.

You must unlock all previous apartments in order to be able to purchase other ones; there is currently no way to skip over apartments you have no interest in.

Second ApartmentEdit

Since 30 July 2015 you can use two apartments at the same time

Apartment 2nd

Available ApartmentsEdit

Currently, there are 9 different apartments to choose from, each with their own perks and challenges.

Shady Heights

ApartmentMini - Shady Heights

500 sqft/46,45 sqm.
0 points

Jade Gardens

ApartmentMini - Jade Gardens

900 sqft/83,61 sqm.
250 points


ApartmentMini - Jasper

1,200 sqft/111,48 sqm.
500 points

Boardwalk Place

ApartmentMini - Boardwalk Place

1,500 sqft./139,35 sqm
750 points

The Langston

ApartmentMini - The Langston

1,900 sqft./176,5 sqm
1,000 points

Plaza Tower

ApartmentMini - Plaza Tower

? sqft.
4,500 points

Venetian Villa

ApartmentMini - Venetian Villa

? sqft.
7,000 points


ApartmentMini - Avalon

? sqft.
8,000 points

The Loft

ApartmentMini - The Loft

? sqft.
10,000 points

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