Crafting missions are the bread and butter of City Girl Life. These are reoccurring events, usually spanning 9 to 14 days during which the player is tasked with crafting a series of items as well as performing other tasks in order to advance in the story line.

Once you complete all of the tasks necessary, you will receive a grand prize. There is an option to receive a bonus prize as well, and that procedure includes crafting items multiple times.

Mission ListEdit

Alphabetical Crafting Mission List

Crafting StationEdit

The crafting station is a decor item that correlates to the mission's theme and how the player completes their crafting. The crafting station has the ability to craft four different items.

Unlike the gifting stations from gifting missions, crafting stations are a permanent item and once the mission is over, the player is able to keep the item, regardless of having completed the mission or not.


Crafting missions come with their fair share of difficulties; the most common complaint among players is excessively long crafting times (it's not uncommon for items to take over 24 hours to craft) but other issues are also a concern, such as glitchy inboxes that prevent them from collecting items needed for crafting. However, there are several steps that can minimize the stress and make it possible for players to complete missions in time without having to resort to spending Gold.

Since 24th of june 2016 the crafting item names will be changed for every (repeated) mission, so you can't reuse pre crafted items (from the same mission in the last year).

Mass Requesting ItemsEdit

The first step that players should take upon starting a new mission is to request any necessary items for crafting. This is available as soon as the player places the crafting station in their apartment and it's highly recommended that players send requests for items before starting on any crafting, regardless of what the mission asks of them. Your best bet is to send multiple requests at once, much like one would for gifting missions.

Screenshot - My Items

My Items can be accessed by clicking on the small box next to Decor

Once you have sent your requests and begun crafting, it's important to keep an eye on the number of request-able items have in your inventory. When the crafting station is in use, it's not possible to send requests from it. No worries: players can check their stockpiled items by clicking on the My Items tab in the menu. From here, you have the option to either send a request for more items from friends or purchase items using Gold.

Be careful: the placement of the buy and request buttons is very close together and many players have reported accidentally spending Gold when trying to request items.

Craft Items on Your ScheduleEdit

The trick to crafting items despite ridiculously long crafting times is to plan your crafting around your availablility. If done correctly, there should be no reason for players to have to put the game before their real life responsibilities.

Short Term ItemsEdit

The best time to craft short term items is while you are actively playing the game. The length depends on how long you plan to be online. For some players, this may mean fifteen minutes while others may be able to be around for a couple hours.

When you know you're going to be online for awhile, craft multiples of the short term items until you have the max amount. This way, when long term items require these shorter items, you will already have them crafted and ready to go.

Long Term ItemsEdit

The biggest issue with players is crafting items that take several hours. The trick to this is to crafting these items is to do so when you know you won't be able to check in on the game for awhile - key times include when you're going to be at school or work, while you're sleeping or spending time with friends.