Active Gifting Missions: Earth Day Gifting Spree

Gifting missions are themed mini Missions that last several days, usually at least a week. Every day, players need to collect a certain amount of a specific item. The only way to acquire these items is to request them from fellow players. While simple in theory, gifting missions have received a bad reputation due to the mass amount of glitches and inbox issues that make receiving the items from friends difficult.


Gifting missions come with their own set of obstacles.

  • When requesting the needed items, send the request to all friends several times (between 3 to 5 times should be plenty.) Not only is this useful for players with a small number of active friends, but it will ensure that you get items faster and with a higher chance of receiving enough items.
  • Items do not have to be received on the specificed day. Items can be received on any day after the day they were requested before the mission deadline and still count towards the number of items needed.
  • In order to request additional items after the item's specific day, you must have at least 1 of the item in your inventory. You may then send requests for past day's items from your inventory. You can also use your inventory to purchase one of items using Gold.
  • If you don't have any of a past day's items, you have two options: The first is to buy ALL of the needed items using Gold. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive. To do so, view your mission progress using your gifting station and click on the day's square. The purchase will made automatically so don't do this unless you are absolutely sure that you want to buy the items.
    The cheaper option is to find a friend who own this item. The friend can send you a request for this item (via "My Items" / Ask) and when you accept this request he will send you also this item back. When you have at least one of the item you can request by yourself.
Request items

Gifting StationEdit

Gifting missions start with the player receiving a decor item to place in their apartment. This item allows the player to request items and keep track of their process as well as use Gold to purchase missing items.

While similar to crafting stations, upon completion of a gifting mission, the item disappears from the player's home and inventory. The only way to permanently acquire one of these items is to simply not complete the mission.

Previous gifting stations include:

  • Trunk Wardrobe: used for various missions, two different recolours
  • Pet Carrier: used for cat adoption mission
  • Signpost: used for Pretty Little Liars mission
  • Stack of Boxes: used for 12 Days of City Girl mission
  • Clothes Rack: used for Awards Night mission
  • Lily Pond: used for Lily Pond Gifting Spree mission

Known IssuesEdit

A common complaint amongst players is the inability to collect the required number of items due to ongoing inbox glitches.

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