Missions are what makes up the majority of gameplay in DCG. There are a few different kinds of missions but the jist of it is to complete a series of tasks within a specified amount of time. A succesfully completed mission with result in receiving a special reward item, usually a clothing item.

Crafting MissionsEdit

Crafting Missions are the most common mission in the game.

Gifting MissionsEdit

Gifting Missions gimmie things

Travel JournalEdit

The Travel Journal missions are a special kind of crafting mission that take place over a longer span of time, usually around a month. So far there have only been two travel journal missions: summer 2013's Venice Vacation and Halloweens Spooky Cafe 2013.

Mission CalendarEdit

January February March April May June
July August September October November December

Time LineEdit

Here is the Time Line with Crafting Missions, Gifting Missions and Collections.

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