You can own pets in Disney City Girl !!!

You find your pets in 'Decor' under 'Pets'. There are six cats and four dogs available for purchase. They cost either gold, coins or glam.
All,except one (Mr. Mew) add 500 decor and give three stars of health. Accessories can be purchased for your pet(s) for interactions.

At the same time there can be at maximum three of your pets in your apartment.


The cats are Bosco, Coco, Marv, Masako, Mr. Mew, Salem and Snowball.

Pets - Cat Bosco Pets - Cat Coco Pets - Cat Marv Pets - Cat Masako Pets - Cat Mr Mew Pets - Cat Salem Pets - Cat Snowball


The dogs are Bailey, Jacques, Pierre, Taffy and Zed.

Pets - Dog Bailey Pets - Dog Jacques Pets - Dog Pierre Pets - Dog Taffy Pets - Dog Zed


The rabbits are Clover and Dandelion.

Pets - Rabbit Clover Pets - Rabbit Dandelion

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