A main aspect of DCG is putting together outfits with a certain number of style points, be it for career tasks or missions. Shops give the player somewhere to pick up new pieces for their Wardrobe.

Different stores sell different clothing styles and some stores only specialize in one type or another. The following icons easily show what each store sells.

Click here for Shop Inventory Overview


BannerShop - Armada
Shop - Armada


BannerShop - Athena
Shop - Athena


BannerShop - Charade
Shop - Charade


BannerShop - Coquette
Shop - Coquette

Edie O.

BannerShop - EdieO
Shop - Edie O

Hart & Gray

BannerShop - HartAndGray
Shop - Hart and Gray


BannerShop - Jolie
Shop - Jolie

Kiss Kiss Bangs

BannerShop - KissKissBangs
Shop - Kiss Kiss Bangs


BannerShop - Lusso
Shop - Kiss Kiss Bangs


BannerShop - Siren
Shop - Siren

Sole Mio

BannerShop - SoleMio
Shop - Sole Mio

The Vault*

BannerShop - TheVault
Shop - Kiss Kiss Bangs


BannerShop - Tempo
Shop - Tempo


BannerShop - Urbanite
Shop - Urbanite

Fork & Ladle

BannerShop - ForkAndLadle
Shop - ForkAndLadle

Private Reserve

BannerShop - PrivateReserve
Shop - Kiss Kiss Bangs

Flashback Store

BannerShop - FlashbackStore
Shop - Kiss Kiss Bangs

Lusso was only available when visiting Venice during the Venice Vacation travel journal mission in Summer of 2013 and thus is no long accessible.
The Vault is a VIP-shop - here you can pay only with diamonds.

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