A City Girl's wardrobe is a very important aspect of the gameplay. Clothing items and hairstyles are worth different points which are used to achieve different goals through out the game.

Wardrobe items can be acquired by purchase at Shops as well as through the Daily Deal and various different Spinners.

Style Types and PointsEdit

Clothing and hairstyles are assigned to one or more of the following style types:

Style has many different purposes. The main purpose is in career missions; most job tasks are assigned a style and the player should wear items with the highest points in that style in order to earn the most coins.

A secondary use for style is during the Daily Look competition: the theme will have a style stype assigned to it in an attempt to guide the player's look.

Listings - sorted by Style PointsEdit

but also sortable alphabetical by "name" or by "from..."


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