The CatsEdit

The cats are Bosco, Coco, Snowball, Marv, Masako, Mr. Mew, and Salem.

Style Fun Costs
Pets - Cat Bosco


500 3 Stars Final Prize for the first pet mission
Pets - Cat Coco


500 3 Stars 109 Gold
Pets - Cat Marv


500 3 Stars 5,000 Glam
Pets - Cat Masako


530 3 Stars Pet Shop Spree Spinner
Pets - Cat Mr Mew

Mr. Mew

475 2 Stars 50,000 Coins
Pets - Cat Salem


500 3 Stars 10,000 Glam
Pets - Cat Snowball


500 3 Stars 109 Gold

this is Jenna's Cat

Toy BoxEdit

The crafting station for cat items is the Cat Toy Box. The Box costs 1,500 Glam and can buyed via Decor Tab at the Market inside "Decorations". It can craft the following items.
After you have crafted the items Feather Toy, Ball of Yarn and Cat Laser you can earn Coins and Glam by playing with your pets or with a friend's pet! The items will be consumed.

Ingredients Crafting Time Bonus Activity
Crafting - CatToy01

Wind-Up Mouse

Catchphrase x1

Thread Spool x1

Dream x1

2 mins N/A
Crafting - CatToy02

Toy Bird

Recipe x1

Thimble x1

Trivia x1

5 mins N/A
Crafting - CatToy03

Feather Toy

Wind-Up Mouse x2

Sketch Book x1

Inspiration x1

Item: 10 mins

Total: 14 mins

Crafting - CatToy06

Sunny Spot

Feather Attack
1,000 Coins
Crafting - CatToy04

Ball of Yarn

Toy Bird x2

Book x1

Greeting Card x1

Item: 4 hrs

Total: 4 hrs 10 mins

Crafting - CatToy07

Kitty Snack

Catch the Yarn!
400 Glam
Crafting - CatToy05

Cat Laser

Sunny Spot x1

Kitty Snack x1

Item: 2 hrs

Total: 4 hrs 24 mins

N/A Chase the Dot!
800 Glam

Requestable gift items are Catchphrase , Thread Spool, Dream , Recipe , Thimble , Trivia , Sketch Book , Inspiration , Book and Greeting Card .
The bonus item Kitty Snack is also available as spinner prize in the Ground Raffle Spin at The Grounds Cafe.


can buyed via Decor Tab at the Market inside "Decorations".

Style Needs Costs
PetShopSpin - Cat Tree

Cat Tree

450 Fun - 3 Stars Pet Shop Spree Spinner
PetsAccessories - Scratch Post

Scratch Post

400 Fun - 3 Stars 5,000 Glam
PetsAccessories - Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

325 Fun - 3 Stars 39 Gold
PetsAccessories - Cat Bed

Cat Bed

325 Rest - 3 Stars 5,000 Glam
PetShopSpin - Pet Bowls

Pet Bowls

75 Pet Shop Spree Spinner


Marv Bug Costume can be bought via Decor Tab at the Market inside "Decorations".

Style Needs Costs
PetsCostumes - Marv Bug

Marv Bug

500 Fun - 3 Stars 2014: 109 Gold
2015: 36 Gold
PetsCostumes - Snazzy Salem

Snazzy Salem

500 Fun - 3 Stars 2014: 6,900 Glam
2015: 5,520 Glam