The Daily Look is a daily competition where players enter an outfit that goes along with the theme and other players vote between that player and another to see who has the best outfit. A certain amount of votes correlates to a certain amount of glam. 

Entering Edit

When you click "Enter" underneath the picture of a sillouette of a girl where a new theme has been chosen, you select an outfit that goes along with the theme from your wardrobe. Once you're satisfied (or accidently click "Enter"), you have officially entered your avatar into the game!


To vote, you click on the avatar that best fits the theme. You can also view who's avatar it is, and if you are Acquaintances they get 2 votes, Gal Pals get 3, Close Friends get 4, Confidants get 5, and Besties get 6. You yourself also get a certain amount of glam when you vote. 

  • 5 votes: 5 glam
  • 10 votes: 10 glam
  • 20 votes: 15 glam
  • 40 votes: 20 glam
  • 80 votes: 25 glam

If you finish the Daily Look Mission that goes along with the Daily Look, you get 50 coins and 5 XP


On a few days when it is a holiday or special day (like July 4th or Breast Cancer Month) the Daily Look features themes that are associated with those days. Also, when the game presents missions, a few days before the mission is over, they will have a Daily Look theme that has something to do with the final pirze (if it is clothing).