Pic Name Points Price From
OutdoorKitchenDecor - Outdoor Kitchen Counter Outdoor Kitchen Counter 223 12,000 Coins Outdoor Kitchen Decor Collection
NewEnglandDecor - New England Cabinets New England Cabinets 175 3,200 Glam New England Decor Collection
NewZenDecor - Ornate Hutch Ornate Hutch 168 27 Gold New Zen Decor Collection
HomeComfortSpin - Clothing Storage Clothing Storage 155 8 Gold Home Comfort Spinner
MintGreenDecor - Retro Bathroom Cabinet Retro Bathroom Cabinet 120 15 Gold Mint Green Decor Collection
MintGreenDecor - Mint Kitchen Cabinet Mint Kitchen Cabinet 105 2,100 Coins Mint Green Decor Collection
Decor - Medium Black Cabinet Medium Black Cabinet 75 2 Gold Cafe Raffle Spinner
Decor - Medium Red Cabinet Medium Red Cabinet 75 2 Gold Cafe Raffle Spinner
Decor - Towel Storage Towel Storage 70 - Gift
Decor - Small Black Cabinet Small Black Cabinet 50 2 Gold Cafe Raffle Spinner
Decor - Small Red Cabinet Small Red Cabinet 50 2 Gold Cafe Raffle Spinner

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