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Started On
25 November 2014
Ended On
5 December 2014
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Crafting Station
Decor - Tan Dog House
Tan Dog House

The Dog Days mission took place in August of 2013 and November of 2014. It started on November 25 and ran for 10 days.

The reward is a papilon named Pierre and a bonus item, Duck Chew Toy that can be used as a pet's toy.


The mission starts off with Olivia, and other character such as Jenna and Liza. Jenna is taking care of Liza's whimsical Corgi dog Donna, and as the girls help her the Main Girl decides to volunteer in the local dog shelter...

Crafting StationEdit

The crafting station for this event is a Tan Dog House. It can craft the following four items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - DogDays01

Tennis Ball

none 5 mins 17 N/A

Crafting - DogDays02

Rope Toy

Felt Leash x1

Tennis Ball x1

Item: 3 hrs

Total: 3 hrs 5 mins

7 N/A

Crafting - DogDays03

Treat Jar

Dog Treat x3

Tennis Ball x1

Item: 9 hrs

Total: 9 hrs 5 mins

3 N/A

Crafting - DogDays04

Pet Appreciation

Puppy Pictures x1

Rope Toy x1

Item: 12 hrs

Total: 15 hrs 5 mins

4 Duck Chew Toy

The Felt Leash (7) , the Dog Treat (9) and the Puppy Pictures (4) are requestable gift items.


Step 1: Corgi Cat-astrophe
  1. Use your computer to read an article about Introducing Dogs and Cats
  2. Call Jenna to warn her about the introduction using a phone
  3. Visit Jenna's Apartment
Step 2: A Place To Stay
  1. Have a Tan Dog House in your apartment
  2. Craft Tennis Ball x1
  3. Use your front door to Visit Olivia and Donna

Total Crafting Time: 5 mins

Step 3: Corgi Research
  1. Craft Rope Toy x1
  2. Research Corgis 2 times using a computer
  3. Share Findings about Corgis with Olivia using a phone

Total Crafting Time: 3 hrs 5 mins

Step 4: Donna Duty
  1. Currency - Glam
    Craft Tennis Balls x2
  2. Put on an outfit worth at least 95 Activewear style
  3. Take Donna for a Walk using your front door

Total Crafting Time: 10 mins

Step 5: Celebrate Canins
  1. Craft Pet Appreciation x1
  2. Visit 2 friends and ask about Appreciating Your Pet
  3. Read "Dog Psychology" at a bookshelf

Total Crafting Time: 15 hrs 5 mins

Step 6: Puparazzi
  1. Craft Tennis Balls x4
  2. Take Photos with Donna using your front door
  3. Visit 2 friends and Share Photos of Donna

Total Crafting Time: 20 mins

Step 7: Every Dog Has Its Day
  1. Currency - Gold
    Craft Rope Toys x2
  2. Put on an outfit worth at least 200 Everyday style
  3. Spend Day at Park using your front door

Total Crafting Time: 6 hrs 10 mins

Step 8: The Dog Days Are Over
  1. Craft Pet Appreciation x3
  2. Use your front door do Volunteer at Shelter
  3. Wash your Hands using a sink

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 21 hrs 15 mins

Step 9: The Adoption Option
  1. Craft Treat Jars x3
  2. Visit 3 friends and Discuss Pet Ownership
  3. Consider Adoption while sitting an a couch

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 3 hrs 15 mins

Step 10: A Canine Companion
  1. Read about Dog Nutrition using a bookshelf
  2. Prepare for a Workout using an Exercise Ball
  3. Use your front door to visit the shelter and Adopt a Dog
Total Mission Crafting Time: 4 days 1 hrs 25 mins


The reward for completing the Dog Days mission 2014 on time is Pierre.

Pets - Dog Pierre

The reward for completing the Dog Days mission 2013 on time is a Corgi named Bailey.

Pets - Dog Bailey

Bonus PrizeEdit

While crafting a Pet Appreciation in 2014, there is a chance of receiving the Duck Chew Toy.

DogDays - Duck Chew Toy

While crafting a Pet Appreciation in 2013, there is a chance of receiving the Dog Beanie.

DogDays - Dog Beanie

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