The DogsEdit

The dogs are Bailey, Jack, Pierre, Taffy and Zed.

Style Fun Costs
Pets - Dog Bailey


500 3 Stars Dog Days - Final Prize 2013
Pets - Dog Jacques


500 3 Stars bonus for buying gold for $100 during "Classy Sale" in february 2014
Pets - Dog Pierre


500 3 Stars Dog Days - Final Prize 2014
Pets - Dog Taffy


500 3 Stars 109 gold
Pets - Dog Zed


500 3 Stars 50,000 Coins

Toy BoxEdit

The crafting station for Dog items is the Dog Toy Box. The Box costs 1,500 Glam and can be bought via Decor Tab at the Market inside "Decorations". It can craft the following items.
After you have crafted the items Rubber Ball, Plushy and Dog Bone you can earn Coins and Glam by playing with your pets or with a friend's pet! The items will be consumed.

Ingredients Crafting Time Bonus Activity
Crafting - DogToy01

Squeaky Toy

Good Vibes x1

Art Term x1

Shears x1

2 mins N/A
Crafting - DogToy02

Jerky Treat

Snark x1

Spices x1

Book Smarts x1

5 mins N/A
Crafting - DogToy03

Rubber Ball

Squeaky Toy x2

Flavor x1

Blueprint x1

Item: 10 mins

Total: 14 mins

Crafting - DogToy06

Flying Disc

1,000 Coins
Crafting - DogToy04


Jerky Treat x2

Measuring Tape x1

Credibility x1

Item: 4 hrs

Total: 4 hrs 10 mins

Crafting - DogToy07

Knotted Rope

Rub Belly
400 Glam
Crafting - DogToy05

Dog Bone

Flying Disc x1

Knotted Rope x1

Item: 2 hrs

Total: 4 hrs 24 mins

N/A Play!
800 Glam

Requestable gift items are Good Vibes , Art Term , Shears , Snark , Spices , Book Smarts , Flavor , Blueprint , Measuring Tape and Credibility .
The bonus item Flying Disc is also available as spinner prize in the Ground Raffle Spin at The Grounds Cafe.


can be boughtvia Decor Tab at the Market inside "Decorations".

Style Needs Costs
PetsAccessories - Dog Bed

Dog Bed

325 Rest - 3 Stars 5,000 Glam
PetShopSpin - Leopard Dog Bed

Leopard Dog Bed

325 Rest - 3 Stars Pet Shop Spree Spinner
PetsAccessories - Dog Stuffed Animal

Dogstuffed Animal

400 Fun - 3 Stars 39 Gold
DogDays - Duck Chew Toy

Duck Chew Toy

400 Fun - 3 Stars Dog Days - Bonus 2014


can be bought via Decor Tab at the Market inside "Pets".

Style Needs Costs
PetsCostumes - Bailey Bee

Bailey Bee

500 Rest - 3 Stars 2014: 59 Gold
2015: 36 Gold
PetsCostumes - Pumpkin Jack

Pumpkin Jack

500 Fun - 3 Stars 2014: 6,900 Glam
2015: 5,520 Glam

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