BannerDecor - ElegantDining

The Elegant Dining Decor Collection is a Decor Collection that ran in June of 2017. It consisted for eight decor items and a free gift.

The complete collection as previously deal cost 127 Gold.

Buying the items separately costs 104 Gold, 16,900 Glam and 23,000 Coins.


Decor Price

Elegant Dining Dresser

ElegantDiningDecor - Elegant Dining Dresser

410 Points
Hygiene + Investigation: 4 stars

42 Gold

Dessert Little Sofa

ElegantDiningDecor - Dessert Little Sofa

360 Points
Rest: 3 stars

4,900 Glam

Round Ornate Dining Table

ElegantDiningDecor - Round Ornate Dining Table

300 Points

16,000 Coins

Aged Silver Chandelier

ElegantDiningDecor - Aged Silver Chandelier

260 Points

27 Gold

Round Countryside Chair

ElegantDiningDecor - Round Countryside Chair

210 Points
Rest: 3 stars

3,000 Glam

Golden Side Table

ElegantDiningDecor - Golden Side Table

190 Points

20 Gold

Ornate Wall Clock

ElegantDiningDecor - Ornate Wall Clock

140 Points
Hygiene + Investigation: 4 stars
Decor Items

15 Gold

Monochromatic Rug

ElegantDiningDecor - Monochromatic Rug

130 Points

7,000 Coins

Silver and Gold Wallpaper

ElegantDiningDecor - Silver and Gold Wallpaper

40 Points

Free Gift

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