BannerSpinner - FairMaiden
The Fair Maiden Spinner is a Spinner wheel that ran in September of 2014. It consisted of two clothing items and six decor items.



Style Price

Fair Maiden Ballgown

FairMaidenSpin - Fair Maiden Ballgown

September 2014

Style - EverydayOFF Style - NightlifeON Style - ProfessionalOFF Style - ActivewearOFF Style - CostumeON

Outfits - 855 Points

8 Gold

Corset and Bloomers

FairMaidenSpin - Corset and Bloomers

September 2014

Style - EverydayOFF Style - NightlifeOFF Style - ProfessionalOFF Style - ActivewearOFF Style - CostumeON

Outfits - 475 Points

8 Gold


Decor Price

Woodland Bed

FairMaidenSpin - Woodland Bed

350 Points
Rest: 4 Stars

8 Gold

Old Fashioned Stove

FairMaidenSpin - Old Fashioned Stove

220 Points
Cooking: 3 Stars

8 Gold

Flower Chair

FairMaidenSpin - Flower Chair

210 Points
Rest: 4 Stars

8 Gold

Mushroom Stool

FairMaidenSpin - Mushroom Stool

165 Points
Rest: 3 Stars

8 Gold

Woodland Wardrobe

FairMaidenSpin - Woodland Wardrobe

155 Points

8 Gold

Ivy Curtains

FairMaidenSpin - Ivy Curtains

100 Points

8 Gold

Woodland Wallpaper

FairMaidenSpin - Woodland Wallpaper

30 Points

8 Gold


Bonus PrizeEdit

If one collects all 8 prizes, they unlock the bonus prize: Fair Maiden Dress and Crown.

FairMaidenSpin - Fair Maiden Dress and Crown

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