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The Gothic Decor Collection is a Decor Collection that ran in October of 2014. It consisted of fourteen decor items which you can buy in decor tab.

The complete collection has two parts and as previously deal costs 89 Gold and 79 Gold.

Buying the items separately costs 190 Gold, 8,410 Glam and 30,200 Coins.


Decor Price

Gothic Settee

GothicDecor - Gothic Settee

325 Points
Rest: 4 stars

53 Gold

Gothic Bed

GothicDecor - Gothic Bed

270 Points
Rest: 4 stars

38 Gold

Gothic Bookcase

GothicDecor - Gothic Bookcase

250 Points
Fun+Knowledge: 4 stars

32 Gold

Gothic Fireplace

GothicDecor - Gothic Fireplace

213 Points
Decor Items

29 Gold

Gothic Clock

GothicDecor - Gothic Clock

205 Points
Decor Items

3,150 Glam

Gothic Rug

GothicDecor - Gothic Rug

205 Points

1,820 Glam

Gothic Chair

GothicDecor - Gothic Chair

185 Points
Rest: 3 stars

12,600 Coins

Gothic Vanity

GothicDecor - Gothic Vanity

180 Points
Hygiene: 3 stars

24 Gold

Gothic Mirror

GothicDecor - Gothic Mirror

130 Points
Hygiene+Charisma: 4 stars

2,400 Glam

Spooky Tree Decal

GothicDecor - Spooky Tree Decal

130 Points
Decor Items

1,040 Glam

Black Spiderweb Decal

GothicDecor - Black Spiderweb Decal

124 Points
Decor Items

6,400 Coins

Gothic Dresser

GothicDecor - Gothic Dresser

104 Points

9,800 Coins

Bat Clock

GothicDecor - Bat Clock

90 Points
Decor Items

14 Gold

Gothic Lamp

GothicDecor - Gothic Lamp

59 Points

1,400 Coins

Black Gothic Wallpaper

GothicDecor - Black Gothic Wallpaper

25 Points

Free Gift

Purple Gothic Wallpaper

GothicDecor - Purple Gothic Wallpaper

25 Points

Free Gift

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