The inbox (located here) is a key part of DCG that allows you to send and recieve items between friends. These items include special furnishings that are only available via gifting, items required for Crafting Missions and useful items such as energy refills. It is also where you can manage friend requests.

Unfortunately, the DCG inbox is not a very stable one and has been known to glitch on the majority of players at one time or another.

Receiving GiftsEdit

The first section in the inbox is the list of gifts that you have received from friends

Requesting GiftsEdit

Players can request gifts from within the game by selecting the "ask friends" button when prompted with it. Once it's been clicked, a small window with a list of all friends will pop up; you can now select specific friends or choose the option to send to all.

Whatever you decide to go with, it's best to send the request several times. Not only will this give you a higher chance of items dropping (simply because there's more of them), but it'll mean you get several items from one friend and thus gather items faster. This is especially useful when collecting items for Crafting Missions.

Inbox GlitchesEdit

The DCG inbox is infamous amongst long term players for being super glitchy when it comes to recieving gifts from friends. Your best bet to getting items to drop is the following method:

  • Go through your recieved gifts and Accept - don't reciporcate at this time - a handful of gifts individually, making sure to keep 1 gift from each friend in your inbox.
  • Go back into the game and do a simple action; this should prompt your gifts into dropping
  • After accepting all gifts except for 1 from each friend, go back and Accept & Receiprocate each remaining gift individually. The reason for this is to avoid "empty" gifts; you can only send one free gift per friend per hour.

Sending GiftsEdit

Friend RequestsEdit