BannerDecor - MoulinRouge
The MoulinRouge Decor Collection is a Decor Collection that ran in February of 2015. It consisted for eight decor items and two gifts which you can buy in decor tab.

The complete collection as previously deal cost is 129 Gold.

Buying the items separately cost 141 Gold, 6,300 Glams and 7,600 Coins.


Decor Price

Rouge Bed

MoulinRougeDecor - Rouge Bed

445 Points
Rest: 5 stars

53 Gold

Heart Vanity

MoulinRougeDecor - Heart Vanity

290 Points
Hygiene: 4 stars

38 Gold

Rouge Chaise

MoulinRougeDecor - Rouge Chaise

275 Points
Rest: 4 stars

32 Gold

Gold Room Divider

MoulinRougeDecor - Gold Room Divider

193 Points
Decor Items

4,500 Glam

Rouge Chandelier

MoulinRougeDecor - Rouge Chandelier

180 Points

18 Gold

Gold Bar Cart

MoulinRougeDecor - Gold Bar Cart

90 Points
Decor Items

4,100 Coins

Gold Beaded Curtain

MoulinRougeDecor - Gold Beaded Curtain

88 Points

3,500 Coins

Can-Can Costume

MoulinRougeDecor - Can-Can Costume

72 Points
Decor Items

1,800 Glam

Gold Deco Wallpaper

MoulinRougeDecor - Gold Deco Wallpaper

25 Points

Free Gift

Rouge Wallpaper

MoulinRougeDecor - Rouge Wallpaper

25 Points

Free Gift

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