BannerCrafting - RedPlanetDay
Started On
20 November 2015
Ended On
30 November 2015
Hosted By
Crafting Station
Decor - Hanging Mars Lamp
Hanging Mars Lamp
The Red Planet Day mission took place in November of 2015. It started on November 20 and ran for 10 days.


The mission starts off with Jenna ...

Crafting StationEdit

The crafting station for this event is a Hanging Mars Lamp. It can craft the following four items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - RedPlanetDay01

Moisture Analysis

none 3 mins 20 N/A

Crafting - RedPlanetDay02

Environmental Analysis

Rover Picture x1

Moisture Analysis x1

Item: 20 mins

Total: 23 mins

8 N/A

Crafting - RedPlanetDay03

Chemical Analysis

Rover Picture x2

Moisture Analysis x1

Item: 12 hrs

Total: 12 hrs 3 mins

7 N/A

Crafting - RedPlanetDay04

Geological Analysis

Environmental Analysis x1

Chemical Analysis x1

Item: 8 hrs

Total: 20 hrs 26 mins

3 Marvelous Updo

The Rover Picture (22) is a requestable gift item.


Step 1: Red Rover
  1. Read Mars Rover Manual using a bookshelf
  2. Practice the Driving Simulator using a computer 2 times
  3. Try to Detect Stellar Interference using a stereo
Step 2: A Rover In Central PArk
  1. Drive Mars-Mallow along the edge of the reservoir using a computer
  2. Place the Hanging Mars Lamp in your apartment
  3. Craft Moisture Analysis x1

Total Crafting Time: 3 mins

Step 3: I Spy
  1. Debate Conspiracy Theories with Zoey at the cafe 2 times
  2. Watch Olivia Drive the Rover using a window
  3. Craft Environmental Analysis x1

Total Crafting Time: 23 mins

Step 4: Climb Every Mountain
  1. Currency - Glam
    Check the Museum's Admission Policy for Mars rovers using a computer
  2. Go to the Museum for the uphill battle using your front door
  3. Craft Geological Analysis x1

Total Crafting Time: 20 hrs 26 mins

Step 5: Marring The Experience
  1. Put on an outfit worth at least 200 Everyday style
  2. Go to the Market with Mars-Mallow using your front door
  3. Craft Chemical Analysis x1

Total Crafting Time: 12 hrs 3 mins

Step 6: Maritime Mapping
  1. Drive Mars-Mallow by the Pond using a computer
  2. Get a Sample of clean water to use as a baseline from the cafe's water station
  3. Craft Moisture Analysis x4

Total Crafting Time: 12 mins

Step 7: Martial Madness
  1. Currency - Gold
    Dress as a Civil War reenactor! Put on an outfit worth at least 400 Costume style
  2. Go to the Civil War Reenactment using your front door
  3. Craft Environmental Analysis x4

Total Crafting Time: 1 hrs 32 mins

Step 8: A Roving Robot Army
  1. Order Coffee Remotly by using your tablet on the cafe's couch
  2. Explain to Zoey about the rover before she puts on a tin foil hat
  3. Craft Geological Analysis x2

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 16 hrs 52 mins

Step 9: Veronica, Mars-Mallow
  1. Drive Mars-Mallow to the Zoo using your front door
  2. Craft Chemical Analysis x3
  3. Write up Final Report on your testing using a computer

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 12 hrs 9 mins

Step 10: Margin Of Error
  1. Browse a Mars Landing Truthers Forum using a computer 2 times
  2. Have Observation level 7
  3. Sign the Non-Disclosure Paperwork and go on a shopping spree using your front door
Total Mission Crafting Time: 4 days 13 hrs 40 mins


The reward for completing the Red Planet Day mission on time is the Marvelous Red Gown.

RedPlanetDay - Marvelous Red Gown

Bonus PrizeEdit

While crafting Geological Analysis there is a chance of receiving the Marvelous Updo.

RedPlanetDay - Marvelous Updo

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