BannerCrafting - ClownCompetition
Started On
5 October 2015
Ended On
18 Oktober 2015
Hosted By
Crafting Station
Decor - Alchemy Table
Spooky Apothecary / Alchemy Table / Spooky Dress Form
The Spooky Cafe Clown Competition mission took place in October of 2015 as the third Spooky Cafe Mission. It started on October 5 and ran for 13 days.


The mission starts off with Zoey ...

Crafting StationsEdit

Spooky ApothecaryEdit

The first crafting station for this event is a Spooky Apothecary. It can craft the following items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - SpookyApothecary01


none 3 mins 5 N/A

Crafting - SpookyApothecary02


none 3 mins 12 N/A

Crafting - SpookyApothecary03


none 8 mins 3 N/A

Crafting - SpookyApothecary04


none 2 hrs 3 N/A

Alchemy TableEdit

The second crafting station for this event is a Alchemy Table. It can craft the following items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - AlchemyTable01

Fool's Gold

Straw x1

Scissors x1

Item: 45 mins

Total: 48 mins

5 N/A

Crafting - AlchemyTable02

Clear Mind Potion

Brain x1

Glycerol x1

Item: 6 hrs

Total: 8 hrs 8 mins

2 N/A

Crafting - AlchemyTable03

Singing Potion

Bells x2

Glycerol x1

Item: 8 hrs

Total: 8 hrs 14 mins

1 N/A

Crafting - AlchemyTable04

Creative Juice

Clear Mind Potion x1

Eye of Newt x2

Item: 12 hrs

Total: 20 hrs 8 mins

2 N/A

Spooky Dress FormEdit

The third crafting station for this event is a Spooky Dress Form. It can craft the following items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - SpookyDressForm01


Rags x2

Scissors x1

20 mins 4 N/A

Crafting - SpookyDressForm02

Creepy Costume

Patches x4

Creative Juice x1

Item: 13 hrs

Total: 1 day 10 hrs 28 mins

1 N/A

Crafting - SpookyDressForm03


Bells x4

Fool's Gold x1

Rags x3

Item: 8 hrs

Total: 9 hrs

2 Harlequin Tights

Crafting - SpookyDressForm04


Straw x4

Patches x2

Pumpkin x3

Item: 10 hrs

Total: 10 hrs 42 mins

Scarecrow Hair

The Eye of Newt (4), the Rags (6), the Pumpkin ( ) and the Scissors (5) are requestable gift items.


Step 1: Party Planning President
  1. Review the Details of the advertised position at the cafe's bulletin board
  2. Ask 2 cafe patrons if they are Thinking about Running
  3. Announce Your Candidacy before one of the cafe's display cases
Step 2: Early Birds
  1. Check how many Days Until Christmas there are on your tablet at the cafe's couch
  2. Craft Bells x2
  3. Consider Decorating the cafe's Spooky Apothecary to fill the place with Christmas cheer by clicking it

Total Crafting Time: 6 mins

Step 3: A Political Nightmare
  1. Read Up On 3 Presidential Candidates using the cafe's magazine rack
  2. Check how many Days Until the Election there are on your tablet at the cafe's couch
  3. Craft Fool's Gold x1

Total Crafting Time: 48 mins

Step 4: Stopping The Surge
  1. Currency - Glam
    Read Machiavelli ate the cafe's bookshelf
  2. Craft Brain x1
  3. Plot Your Strategy while sipping coffee by an indoor cafe table

Total Crafting Time: 2 hrs

Step 5: Bobbinf For Actionable Idieas
  1. Speak with 3 cafe patrons to Conduict Your Opinion Poll
  2. Craft Creative Juice x1
  3. Detail Your Party Platform on your tablet at the cafe's couch

Total Crafting Time: 20 hrs 8 mins

Step 6: A Cafe Divided
  1. Advertise Your Party at the cafe's bulletin borad
  2. Craft Baubles x2
  3. Ask 3 café patrons about their Party Affiliation

Total Crafting Time: 18 hrs

Step 7: Party Lines
  1. Study Base Elixirs with broad appeal at the cafe's Alchemy Table
  2. Craft Fool's Gold x2
  3. Practice Your Pitch for your miracle solution at the cafe's mirror 2 times

Total Crafting Time: 1 hrs 36 mins

Step 8: A Coffee Shop Smash
  1. Drink 3 Cups of Water at the cafe's water station
  2. Craft Singing Potion x1
  3. Ask Zoey if she's Got the Mic

Total Crafting Time: 8 hrs 14 mins

Step 9: Pick Your Poison
  1. Got Out the Vote by reminding 3 cafe patrons to make their voices heard
  2. Craft Creepy Costume x1
  3. Ask Zoey if she's Got the Election Results yet

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 10 hrs 28 mins

Step 10: Oath The Cafe
  1. Thank 2 cafe patrons for their support
  2. Fuel Up with a cup of coffee while sitting by an indoor cafe table
  3. Tell Zoey you're Ready for Training by talking to her
Actual Mission Crafting Time: 3 days 13 hrs 20 mins


The reward for completing the Clown Competition mission on time is the Harlequin Dress and the Harlequin Gloves and a Spooky Shekel.

ClownCompetition - Harlequin Dress
ClownCompetition - Harlequin Gloves

Bonus PrizeEdit

While crafting Bauble there is a chance of receiving the Harlequin Thights .

ClownCompetition - Harlequin Tights

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