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Shop - Tempo

Tempo is the beginner clothing store with low prices that new players will be able to afford. This store will play a role in your beginning quests, where you will learn and master the basics of the game. The main focus of this shop is to sell bright colored everyday clothing that will cost very little.

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Style Price

Lilac Knee-Highs

Tempo - Lilac Knee-Highs

Style - EverydayON Style - NightlifeOFF Style - ProfessionalON Style - ActivewearOFF Style - CostumeOFF

55 Points

Currency - Glam 35

Blue Dot Socks

Tempo - Blue Dot Socks

Style - EverydayON Style - NightlifeOFF Style - ProfessionalON Style - ActivewearON Style - CostumeOFF

50 Points

Currency - Coins 99


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