BannerCrafting - Thanksgiving
Started On
18 November 2016
Ended On
28 November 2016
Hosted By
Crafting Station
Decor - Cornucopia

The Thanksgiving mission took place in November of 2013, 2014 and 2016. It started on November 18 and ran for 10 days.


Crafting StationEdit

The crafting station for this event is a Cornucopia. It can craft the following four items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - Thanksgiving05Crafting - Thanksgiving01

Dinner Roll / Buttered Roll

none 3 mins 17 N/A

Crafting - Thanksgiving06Crafting - Thanksgiving02

Candid Yams / Sweet Potatoes

Cranberry Sauce / Butter x2 15 mins 10 N/A

Crafting - Thanksgiving07Crafting - Thanksgiving03

Roasted Turkey / Turkey

Mashed Potatoes / Stuffing x1

Gravy Tureen / Gravy x1

12 hrs 7 2013: Autumn Crown
2014: Side Swept Bob
2016: Thankful Welcome Mat

Crafting - Thanksgiving08Crafting - Thanksgiving04

Thanksgiving Spread / Turkey Dinner

Dinner Roll / Buttered Roll x3

Candid Yams / Sweet Potatoes x2

Roasted Turkey / Turkey x1

Item: 6 hrs

Total: 18 hrs 39 mins

3 N/A

The Cranberry Sauce / Butter (20), Gravy Tureen / Gravy (7) and the Mashed Potatoes / Stuffing (7) are requestable gift items.


Step 1: Get Cooking
  1. Verify Time and Temperature with Olivia using a phone.
  2. Put Turkey In an oven.
  3. Set Timer as a backup using a computer,
Step 2: On The Rocks
  1. Have the Cornucopia placed in your apartment.
  2. Have 1 Dinner Roll / Buttered Roll
  3. Restock Ice Trays using a refrigerator.

Total Crafting Time: 3 mins

Step 3: Fitness First
  1. Have 3 Dinner Roll / Buttered Roll
  2. Build Core Strength using a yoga mat.
  3. Preemptively Exercise 2 times using a treadmill.

Total Crafting Time: 9 mins

Step 4: Real-Life Word Puzzle
  1. Currency - Glam
    Have 1 Candid Yams / Sweet Potatoes
  2. Run Pattern-Solving Software using a computer.
  3. Tell Olivia the Pattern using a phone.

Total Crafting Time: 15 mins

Step 5: Go Long!
  1. Have 2 Roasted Turkey / Turkey
  2. Read "Throwing Spirals for City Girls" using a bookshelf.
  3. Throw Football with Jenna using the front door.

Total Crafting Time: 1 day

Step 6: Go, Teams!
  1. Have 4 Dinner Roll / Buttered Roll
  2. Confirm Station using a television.
  3. Instant Message Olivia the channel using a computer.

Total Crafting Time: 12 mins

Step 7: Not A Trypto-Fan
  1. Currency - Gold
    Have 3 Candid Yams / Sweet Potatoes
  2. Take Power Nap using a bed.
  3. Drink Power Coffee 2 times using a coffee maker.

Total Crafting Time: 45 mins

Step 8: Catering Complications
  1. Have 2 Roasted Turkey / Turkey
  2. Order Tofu Plate from Zoey at The Grounds.
  3. Photocopy Game Rules with your table by sitting on the couch at The Grounds.

Total Crafting Time: 1 day

Step 9: Many Thanks
  1. Have 3 Thanksgiving Spread / Turkey Dinner
  2. Contemplate Things for which you're thankful 3 times using a couch.
  3. Print Thankful List on a computer.

Total Crafting Time: 2 days 7 hrs 57 mins

Step 10: Turkey Time
  1. Take Turkey Out of the oven.
  2. Wear at least 150 Everyday style points.
  3. Attend Thanksgiving Dinner at Olivia's using your front door.
Actual Mission Crafting Time: 4 days 9 hrs 21 mins


The reward for completing the Thanksgiving mission in 2016 on time is the "Thanksgiving Bundle": Fall Colors Cardigan, Pilgrim Couture Shoes and Stay Entryway Bench (350 decor style; Rest: 4 stars).

Thanksgiving - Fall Colors Cardigan
Thanksgiving - Pilgrim Couture Shoes
Thanksgiving - Stay Entryway Bench

The reward for completing the Thanksgiving mission in 2014 on time is the Cozy Sweater Dress.

Thanksgiving - Cozy Sweater Dress

The reward for completing the Thanksgiving mission in 2013 on time is the Turkey Gown.

CraftingReward - Thanksgiving

Bonus PrizeEdit

While crafting a Roasted Turkey in 2016, there is a chance of receiving the Thankful Welcome Mat (180 decor style).

Thanksgiving - Thankful Welcome Mat

While crafting a Turkey in 2014, there is a chance of receiving the Side Swept Bob.

Thanksgiving - Side Swept Bob

While crafting a Turkey in 2013, there was a chance of receiving the Autumn Crown.

Thanksgiving2013 - Autumn Crown

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