BannerCrafting - TutusFreakyFashionFestivities
Started On
13 October 2017
Ended On
23 October 2017
Hosted By
Madame Tutu
Crafting Station
Decor - Cherub Statue
Cherub Statue

The Tutus Freaky Fashion Festivities mission took place in October 2017. It started on October 13 and ran for 10 days.



Crafting StationEdit

The crafting station for this event is an Cherub Statue. It can craft the following four items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - TutusFreakyFashionFestivities01


none 2 mins 19 N/A

Crafting - TutusFreakyFashionFestivities02

Lip Headband

Pizzazz x1

A-List x1

25 mins 9 N/A

Crafting - TutusFreakyFashionFestivities03

Female Mullet

A-List x2

Gasp x2

Item: 6 hrs

Total: 6 hrs 4 mins

4 Mod Lanterns

Crafting - TutusFreakyFashionFestivities04

Durian Dress

Lip Headband x1

Pizzazz x2

Gasp x1

Item: 9 hrs

Total: 9 hrs 27 mins

4 N/A

The Pizzazz (17) and the A-List (17) are requestable gift items.


Step 1: The FFF List
  1. Research ways to get on THAT LIST using a computer
  2. Hyperventilate on couch
  3. Freak out that the list is exclusive using a mirror
Step 2: Dollah
  1. Suck it up and make Tutu coffee using a coffee machine
  2. Place the Cherub Statue in your apartment
  3. Have 1 Gasp

Total Crafting Time: 2 mins

Step 3: Officially
  1. Look up pictures of past parties using a magazine rack
  2. Call Edie O using a phone
  3. Have 1 Lip Headband

Total Crafting Time: 25 mins

Step 4: Not An Emergency, But An Emergency
  1. Currency - Glam
    Sign yourself up at the cafe bulletin board
  2. Get Edie lemonade from Zoey at the cafe
  3. Have 1 Female Mullet

Total Crafting Time: 6 hrs 4 mins

Step 5: The First Task
  1. Grab measuring tape from hte bookshelf
  2. Buy a sewing kit from the store using your front door
  3. Have 1 Durian Dress

Total Crafting Time: 9 hrs 27 mins

Step 6: Dynamic Duo
  1. Brainstorm gow to convince Tutu using a couch
  2. Make a veggie burger using a microwave
  3. Have 3 Female Mullet

Total Crafting Time: 18 hrs 12 mins

Step 7: Motsko Veggie Burgers Hold The Key
  1. Currency - Gold
    Wash your hands from lunch using a sink
  2. RUN to get Motsko veggie burgers using your front door
  3. Have 4 Lip Headbands

Total Crafting Time: 1 hrs 40 mins

Step 8: LIC
  1. Call every Motsko store using a phone
  2. Dash to the subway to get the last boxes using your front door
  3. Have 3 Durian Dress

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 4 hrs 21 mins

Step 9: Golden Ticket
  1. Listen to triumphant music using a stereo
  2. Try not to jump up and down excitedly at the window
  3. Have 6 Gasp

Total Crafting Time: 12 mins

Step 10: You're In
  1. Dress your freakiest worth 175 Nightlife style
  2. Charge up on energy drinks using a refrigerator
  3. Go to the party using your front door
Total Mission Crafting Time: 2 days 16 hrs 23 mins


The reward for completing the Tutus Freaky Fashion Festivities mission on time is the "Tutus Freaky Fashion Festivities Bundle": Haute Butterfly Outfit, Butterfly Waves and Fashionista Floral Sunglasses.

TutusFreakyFashionFestivities - Haute Butterfly Outfit
TutusFreakyFashionFestivities - Butterfly Waves
TutusFreakyFashionFestivities - Fashionista Floral Sunglasses

Bonus PrizeEdit

While crafting Female Mullet there is a chance of receiving the Mod Lanterns (320 decor style).

TutusFreakyFashionFestivities - Mod Lanterns