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The Urban Loft Decor Collection is a Decor Collection that ran in February of 2014. It consisted of seven decor items which you can buy in decor tab.

The complete collection as previously deal costs 99 Gold.

Buying the items separately costs 87 Gold, 3,000 Glam and 3,600 Coins.


Decor Price

Urban Loft Bed

UrbanLoftDecor - Urban Loft Bed

255 Points
Rest: 4 stars

46 Gold

Loft Sofa

UrbanLoftDecor - Loft Sofa

188 Points
Rest: 3 stars

26 Gold

Bent Plywood Chair

UrbanLoftDecor - Bent Plywood Chair

139 Points
Rest: 3 stars

15 Gold

Loft Lamp

UrbanLoftDecor - Loft Lamp

45 Points

1,400 Coins

Loft End Table

UrbanLoftDecor - Loft End Table

62 Points

2,200 Coins

Woven Rug

UrbanLoftDecor - Woven Rug

128 Points

1,200 Glam

Urban Rustic Table

UrbanLoftDecor - Urban Rustic Table

140 Points
Rest: 3 stars

1,800 Glam

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