The goal of the wiki's database is to create an updated, organized resource for DCG players to easily view and learn about past items. To ensure that the wiki remains looking clean and organized, please read and follow these guidelines when submitting screenshots for the wiki.

Please note that screenshots do not have to be styled to match the wiki - myself or one of the other contributers will format and rename any images as needed.

After taking screenshots, you may upload them to the wiki or to a different image host of your choice (such as TinyPic.) Afterward, post the link to the images as a comment in this blog post. Please include the following information with all screenshots:

  • Item's full name
  • Item's price and the collection/mission it came from
  • Item's style types (Everyday, Nightlife, Professional, Activewear, Costume)

Taking screenshots without the "undress" button:

  • To get a full body shot without the "undress" button, use the in shop preview window.
  • You will need to be in full screen or hide the chat in order to see the preview window without trying an item on.

Angles wanted for screenshots:
If you have a small screen, please take screenshots in full screen in order to get the best size possible. Please do not overlap angles.

  • For Full Body & Tops: Front, Back, Right Facing (2 rotations right), Left Facing (2 rotations left)
  • For Footwear & Bottoms: Front, Right Facing (2 rotations right), Left Facing (2 rotations left)
  • For Hairstyles & Sunglasses: Front, Back ( rotations right), Right Facing (2 rotations right), Left Facing (2 rotations left)

Aditionally, Hairstyles should be shown with a different hair colour per angle to show how it looks on light versus dark hair.

When styling items, please use plain items that do not distract from the featured item in order to not confuse wiki visitors.

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