early to mid 20's
New York City
Mother, younger sister (not shown, only alluded to)
Quests & Storylines
Black Friday

Veronica alias "V" is one of the three main friends of the City Girl protagonist, alongside Jenna and Olivia.  She also hosts the Daily Look section.

She is portrayed as a rather spoiled young woman. She is fairly rich, and has her ways. But, sometimes Veronica's ways change to aid others in need, or be helpful of some way. Veronica has an on-off relationship with Esteban, a typically unknown character. Her birthday is on 13th of september.


Veronica has straight, brown hair and dark, blue eyes. She may wear different outfits throughout storylines, but her usual outfit consists of a bright, sparkly, red dress, subtle, silver heels, a black clutch with gold accents, and a gold bracelet. The newest sprites show her wearing a white and blue minidress and light brown platform sandals. 


Veronica is portrayed as a wealthy young woman who can also be rather selfish and flighty at times. Sometimes, she is blunt to the point of being just downright disrespectful, as shown through the dialogue of quests. Although Veronica does have a kind heart under the extremely rough edges, such as in the Black Friday questline where she decides to donate her time, effort, and money for the less fortunate. She is also smarter than she looks, as in the German Reunification Mission she shows that she's pretty good at doing research and resents being called an idiot, specially  by the very booksmart Olivia.

Additionally, the Mother's Day questline shows that she has a difficult relationship with her mother, and asks the protagonist to help her make amends.