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The Video Game Gifting Spree event was a gifting mission held during September of 2015, starting on the 10th of September and was the 9th gifting mission of the year. Players were to collect 10 different items over the span of 10 days. The reward for completing this event is the Ria Dress and the Gamegirl Konsole.


It's A Girl's World
- Use a phone to call 2 game stores to try to Reserve Your Copy of the Legend of Zebulon
- Use your front door to Visit a Game Store in person instead to make your reservation that way
- Review the Online Discourse surrounding the portrayal of men in video games using a computer

In A Wardrobe Zone
- Place the Wardrobe in your apartment

Game Girls
- Collect all the gifts from friends using your Wardrobe to win the Ria Dress and the Gamegirl Konsole.


Day 1
10 September
Day 2
11 September
Day 3
12 September
Day 4
13 September
Day 5
14 September
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day01
Super Maria Sisters
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day02
Power Pill
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day03
Ruth Nukem
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day04
Super Move
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day05
Mega Woman
Day 6
15 September
Day 7
16 September
Day 8
17 September
Day 9
18 September
Day 10
19 September
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day06
Pixel Pick
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day07
Coffee Crushers
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day08
Resident Good
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day09
Home Rock
VideoGameGiftingSpree - Day10
Legend of Zebulon


The reward for completing the Video Game Gifting Spree mission is the Ria Dress and the Gamegirl Console (400 decor style, Fun: 4 stars).

VideoGame - Ria Dress
VideoGame - Gamegirl Console

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