BannerDecor - WhiteKitchen

The White Kitchen Decor Collection is a Decor Collection that ran in July of 2015. It consisted of nine decor items which you can buy in decor tab and a free gift. The complete collection as previously deal costs 149 Gold.

Buying the items separately costs 138 Gold, 10,500 Glam and 15,000 Coins.


Decor Price

White Island

WhiteKitchenDecor - White Island

475 Points
Fun: 4 stars

45 Gold

White Kitchen Corner Cabinet

WhiteKitchenDecor - White Kitchen Corner Cabinet

230 Points

7,500 Glam

White Farmhouse Sink

WhiteKitchenDecor - White Farmhouse Sink

225 Points
Hygiene: 4 stars

25 Gold

White Dishwasher

WhiteKitchenDecor - White Dishwasher

215 Points
Health: 4 stars
Decor Items

20 Gold

White Fridge

WhiteKitchenDecor - White Fridge

200 Points
Health+Safety: 3 stars

30 Gold

White Kitchen Cabinets

WhiteKitchenDecor - White Kitchen Cabinets

195 Points

18 Gold

White Kitchen Counter

WhiteKitchenDecor - White Kitchen Counter

170 Points

10,000 Coins

Cottage Window

WhiteKitchenDecor - Cottage Window

115 Points

3,000 Glam

Tabletop Topiary

WhiteKitchenDecor - Tabletop Topiary

100 Points
Decor Items

5,000 Coins

Banana Basket

WhiteKitchenDecor - Banana Basket

20 Points
Decor Items

Free Gift

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